Versa Fan

Versatile, small and powerful best describes our Versa Fan. It is a compact, heavy-duty fan that is compatible with haze, fog, snow and bubble machines, evenly distributing the special effects across the stage. The unique design makes the fan user-friendly and very portable.

The Versa Fan comes with a built-in variable speed control but can also be controlled by an optional DMX interface. Another key feature is its built-in ratchet system, which offers multiple positioning options and a positive locking positioning base for quick and easy use.

Ideal for distributing fog, snow and bubbles for television, live theatre and concert events. On queue, the Versa Fan can push the effect where you need it, when you need it.

The Versa Fan has a five-year warranty due to manufacturer’s defect.


Product List
CLF-2809 Versa Fan 110V $1,285.94 USD
CLF-2810 Versa Fan w/DMX 110V New Design $1,733.52 USD
CLF-2817 Versa Fan 220V (CE) $1,563.02 USD

Accessories Gallery


Product List
Versa Focus CLF-2815 Versa Focus $162.41 USD
Snow/Versa DMX Truss Bracket Heavy Duty CLF-2788 Snow/Versa DMX Truss Bracket Heavy Duty $854.74 USD