LSG PFI-9D System on a Cart

When you require superior performance for your Low-Lying Fog needs, you can count on Ultratec Special Effects to deliver “The Real Thing” which is the Low Smoke Generator and is also known as the LSG around the world. Historically, Low-Lying Fog has been a challenge for designers who work in theatrical productions, sporting events, theme parks or touring with shows. Ultratec Special Effects is the Pioneer of the CO2 powered LSG Systems and this has been proven as we offer many different versions in order for the designers to deliver a reliable effect or a solution for the customers. Our continuous dedication to Low-Lying Fog has revolutionized once again with our latest LSG Systems using our NEW Power Fog Industrial 9D Fog Machine. This new packaging allows for acquiring a system easier, very cost effective and smaller in overall size.

The photo shown is the LSG on a cart. This model is ideal for permanent installations. The cart version holds the Power Fog Industrial 9D perfectly in place. A space is also provided on the cart to hold a 4-Litre jug of fluid or the popular 20-Litre fluid reservoir. A strap is supplied to secure the fluid.

The LSG PFI-9D System on a Cart has a five-year warranty due to manufacturer’s defect and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger provided Ultratec fluids are used.




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Product List
CGA CO2 Dewar Tank Fitting 3/8" Kit CLF-2160 CGA CO2 Dewar Tank Fitting 3/8" Kit $234.16 USD
DMX Interface Box 220V CLF-2943 DMX Interface Box 220V $873.86 USD
DMX Interface Box 110V CLF-2944 DMX Interface Box 110V $752.29 USD
20 CLF-2952 20' High Pressure CO2 Extension Hose $248.87 USD
Non-insulated 10" Hose 25 CLF-2956 Non-insulated 10" Hose 25' w/10" Hose Clamp $764.45 USD
LSG Flex Hose Adapter S.S. CLF-2957 LSG Flex Hose Adapter S.S. $205.33 USD
10" Automatic Round Damper (ARD) 110V CLF-2985 10" Automatic Round Damper (ARD) 110V $730.35 USD
CO2 Valve w/Relief 110V CLF-4001 CO2 Valve w/Relief 110V $1,328.91 USD
CO2 Valve w/Relief 220V CLF-4002 CO2 Valve w/Relief 220V $1,328.91 USD
Power Relay Box 110V CLF-4005 Power Relay Box 110V $277.07 USD
LSG High Power Remote CLF-4015 LSG High Power Remote $248.81 USD
LSG PFI-9D Cart Only CLF-4430 LSG PFI-9D Cart Only $1,097.67 USD
Pocket Console DMX CLF-4463 Pocket Console DMX $788.15 USD
10" Flex to Rigid Adapter CLF-9033 10" Flex to Rigid Adapter $149.35 USD
CO2 Adapter CGA 622 Female > CGA 320 Male CXP-2385 CO2 Adapter CGA 622 Female > CGA 320 Male $198.92 USD
Power/Show/Stage Fogger Remote RJ45 CXP-4139 Power/Show/Stage Fogger Remote RJ45 $204.90 USD
Power/Show/Stage Fogger Remote 5-PIN CXP-41395PIN Power/Show/Stage Fogger Remote 5-PIN $300.04 USD