Power Fog Industrial 9D

The Ultratec Power Fog Industrial 9D Fog Machine was created to eliminate the challenges of installing fog effects under stages or in close and confined spaces. Designed for ease-of-use, the machine comes standard with 5-pin DMX control, manual remote control or remote show control.

Built with our 1400-watt Heat Exchanger, the machine is rotated 90 degrees in the stainless-steel chassis to stand upright. Rubber feet and plastic glides are already affixed to the machine to offer the utmost stability. The unit is also used extensively in Low Smoke Generators to decrease the size and allow for greater flexibility.

This fog machine is suitable for situations where continuous output is required over longer durations. Live event environments such as haunted houses, laser tag arenas, and recreational spaces like Escape Rooms are perfect venues for this model. Combined with the Mega Fog Burst attachment, sudden fog effects can be created on cue, adding to its versatility.

The Power Fog industrial 9D has a five-year warranty due to manufacturer’s defect and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger provided Ultratec fluids are used.


Product List
CLF-4456 9D Power Fogger Industrial w/Air Option 110V $2,486.61 USD
CLF-4457 9D Power Fogger Industrial w/Air Option 220V $2,486.61 USD
CLF-4471 9D Power Fogger Ind'l 220V w/Fast On Chip V6.05 (Thumbwheel) $2,017.70 USD
CLF-4473 9D Power Fogger Industrial 110V w/Fast On Chip V6.05 $2,017.70 USD
CLF-4478 9D Power Fogger Ind'l 110V w/Air Option w/Fast On ChipV6.05 $2,486.61 USD
CLF-4530 9D Power Fogger Industrial 110V (New) $2,017.70 USD
CLF-4532 9D Power Fogger Industrial 220V New (CE) $2,017.70 USD

Accessories Gallery


Product List
4" Fog Non-insulated Flex Hose 25 CLF-2955 4" Fog Non-insulated Flex Hose 25' $325.38 USD
Show Control Remote CLF-4590 Show Control Remote $219.54 USD
9D Industrial Jug Holder CXP-1240 9D Industrial Jug Holder $71.05 USD
Power/Show/Stage Fogger Remote 5-PIN CXP-41395PIN Power/Show/Stage Fogger Remote 5-PIN $300.04 USD